Weekend Mega Linkfest:13 August, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Aap Log Rona Band Kijiye (Pratheek Bhat)

Neeraj Chopra’s road to gold (Mint)

What the West must learn from China ( Marshall Auerback )

America’s epic Afghan failure (RT)

A journey through Turkey’s drowning landscape (Magnum)

The cruelty of Australia’s endless lockdown (Unherd)

How Chinese hackers targeted Israel (MIT Tech Review)

How Fed based digital currency can change fortune of America (Tascha)

How I used Naval’s advice to make $1 Million online (Andrew Kirby)

Who is responsible for Messi’s exit from Barcelona?(Al Jazeera)

Forgiving Jaskirat Sidhu (Macleans)

A Burning Bird (O Thiam Chin)

Adda: The secret to Bengali conviviality (BBC)

The genius of Nilakantha Somayaji (Indian History)

How old is Hindu civilization? (Open)

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