Weekend Mega Linkfest: 23 July, 2021

Some offbeat reads for the weekend:

The secret history of the Tata, Mistry, Wadia feud ( Coomi Kapoor)

Why the Dalai Lama deserves the Bharat Ratna (Tsewang Rigzin)

Afghanistan: Peace of the Graveyard (M J Akbar)

Why the Canadian Left is burning down churches (Unherd)

A famine in Madagascar (Al Jazeera)

Delivery apps are killing Singapore’s food stalls (RoW)

Whats it like to be a refugee in Britain (Guardian)

Israel in meltdown over Ben & Jerrys ice cream (RT)

How Israelis & Gazans got jailed in Bulgaria (TOI)

Tiki Girl (Amanda Lee Koe)

Thread: Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Ratnakar Sadasyula)

The third attack on Pearl Harbor (ButWhatFor)

The legend of Manasa Devi (Hindu Aesthetic)

The tragic story of India’s greatest spy (MC)

5 acts of kindness of Robin Williams (Goodable)

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