Linkfest: 14 July, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

30 years later, Rao’s reforms endure (Rediff)

Retail can now open Gilt accounts with RBI (RBI)

Patanjali Group clocks Rs. 30,000 Cr turnover in FY21 (MC)

On HAM road projects (Niteen S Dharmawat)

VCats & 9 unicorns (Forbes)

Can Investing become the most common job of the 2000s? (Balaji)

A Stablecoin applies to become a Stonk (Doomberg)

Banks are ripe for disruption (Prof Galloway)

Bill Miller 2Q 2021 Letter (Miller)

Interview with Ho Nam, Altos Ventures (Acquired)

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