Weekend Mega Linkfest: 25 June, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The revolt against liberalism (Guardian)

The tyranny of Woke Capitalism ( Spiked)

The Sangh and Modernity (Ram Madhav)

Beijing’s useful idiots (UnHerd)

Iran at a crossroads (Marwan Bishara)

I am afraid to be Jewish in France ( Toni Kamins)

Clash of the Islanders ( Toronto Life)

The legend of the ‘Serpent Mosque’ (LHI)

The Himalayan peak off limts to climbers (BBC)

Why does Jerry Seinfeld still work hard? (Inc)

How Udupi spread its vegetarian cuisine across the world (SCMP)

Edward Dyer, His Beer & Whiskey (Madras Courier)

Udaybhan Rathore & myth making in Maratha History (EngrWho)

The thriving business of ‘IKEA hacking’ (Hustle)

The Zero stones of Pune & London (Syndrome)

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