Linkfest: 21 June, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

SEBI halts Carlyle-PNB Housing Deal (BT)

PMC Bank depositors plan to move High Court (MC)

Centre: Can’t pay 4L ExGratia to kin of Covid victims (CNBC)

The dark world of IL&FS unmasked (Newsroom Post)

All eyes on Reliance AGM (BS)

Stock Analysis: Jamna Auto (Dr Vijay Malik)

What we found interesting in Q4FY21 Concall transcripts (DSP)

How crypto Titan fell from $64 to $0 overnight (Jon Wu)

What happened to GE? (Bill Gates)

Samsung is in a critical transition (Asian Century Stocks)

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The kind of information that you bring, covering the width and breadth of industries, markets, assets, current affairs and many more things, are amazing !! I thoroughly enjoy going through your posts regularly.

Kudos & sincere thanks !!

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