Linkfest: 12 May, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

533 districts reporting over 10% positivity ( IE )

Cairn to take action against India to access $1.725 Billion award (BS)

Groww to buy Indiabulls Mutual Fund business (BT)

Sudhir Sitapathy to head Godrej Consumer ( BSE)

Interview with Stanley Druckenmiller (CNBC)

Market Values, Cycles and Bubbles (Barry Ritholtz)

The great online game (Not Boring)

On Focal Point Commodities ( Jonatan Pallesen)

Why stocks soared while America struggled (Vox)

In-person Vs On-screen (A VC)

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Love your blog, sir. Really appreciate how you scrap and provide the best and most interesting financial news. Been following your blog for the past 1 year now. I am a Second Year Bachelors’s in financial Market student from Mumbai. Really would love to get in touch with you someday.

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