Weekend Mega Linkfest: 05 March, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How India got Pakistan to release IAF’s Abhinandan (HT)

Bengal’s traditions of inclusiveness are at stake (Kanchan Gupta)

The myth of China’s Great State (New Statesman)

The rich Vs the very very rich ( Samanth Subramaniam)

The rise of emotional spending (Guardian)

How did Steve Ballmer end up with 8% of Microsoft? (Trung Phan)

13 Days : The cricket documentary that never got made ( Jaideep Varma)

Don’t infect cricket please (Mohammed Kaif)

The amazing story of Prof. Indraneel Mittra ( Pramesh CS)

The roads built by Roman military shaped human civilization (Josh Wolfe)

The Bad Luck flat (Narendra Shenoy)

Memento Mori (Sahil Bloom)

Noida PG ( Shayonnita)

Bored, woke and high maintenance (Monika Halan)

Tanjore Paintings: A living legacy (LHI)

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