Weekend MegaLinkfest: 22 January, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

No pain, No gain (Cheteshwar Pujara)

Hanuma Vihari’s inspiring journey (Jayesh)

Bold India caught Australia (SMH)

KTR’s coronation as next CM of Telangana seems certain (DailyO)

Why Indian legal reform remains an after thought (Bibek Debroy)

How the most hyped US oil merger went bust (Texas Monthly)

Letter from Pakistan (Naila Inayat)

Trained to Kill (Wired)

The hunt for Felicien Kabuga (GQ)

The plight of Indian indentured labour in Mauritius in the 1800s (Scroll)

Australian pearl industry was founded on slave labour (SCMP)

Colonialism just became Capitalism (Indi Samarajiva)

Lakshadweep’s Umbrella riots (LHI)

Jauhar-Shaka: When the enemy was at the gate (Sahana Singh)

Greatest quotes of Marcus Aurelius (Brian Feroldi)

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