Linkfest: 20 January, 2021

I am over the moon regarding yesterday’s win. Am still deliriously happy and so going off beat and posting some cricket links:

India have created the greatest moment in their Test history (Sambit Bal)

The day India bullied the bullies out of Fortress Gabba (Robert Craddock)

Thank you and Good night, India ( Greg Baum)

Finding heroes and summoning miracles ( K C Vijaya Kumar)

Forecasting Folly: Aussie edition (Anand Mahindra)

IRFC IPO: India’s bureaucratic AerCap (Skand Capital)

India’s shadow banking crisis will worsen (BS)

Chinese lockdowns causing concerns over iron ore, steel (CNBC)

A battle over Trump tax cuts is brewing (Market Watch)

Why the Canadian tech scene doesn’t work (Alex Danco)

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