Weekend Mega Linkfest: 15 January, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

My life in the shadow of Cecil Rhodes ( Simukai Chigudu)

What white privilege steals from us (Indi Samarajiva)

Who are the actual NGO beneficiaries ? (Karma Colonialism)

The man who turned Credit Card points into an Empire (NY Times)

The market value of my father (Wealth Simple)

What Indian car did you have a crush on? (Team BHP)

I am a victim of a serious phishing attack (Nidhi Razdan)

The story of Aswathi Hot Chips (Better India)

River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh (Nat Geo)

The second career of Michael Riegels (Granta)

Shareef ( Mahreen Sohail)

How Austrian Kings Joseph I & Charles VI decided the fate of India & America (The Kaipullai)

Remembering Mahendra Kapoor ( Ajay Mankotia)

The story of Indian Coffee (LHI)

Why Germans love getting naked in public (BBC Travel)

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