Weekend Mega Linkfest : 24 December, 2020

Some off beat reads for the long weekend :

Inside India’s booming dark data economy ( RestOfWorld )

The truth behind Indian American exceptionalism ( Atlantic )

Hindu Phobia in the Academy ( India Currents )

Woke-Lash ( Newsweek )

The importance of Himanta Biswa Sarma (Ruhi Tewari)

India has forced a stalemate in Ladakh (Lt. Gen. Panag )

How neutering became the norm ( Moose Nuggets )

Judge Saheb ka Kutta ( Manushi )

The problems of running a business in India ( Shravan Venkataraman)

Why cricket lovers love Channel 9 ( Abhishek Mukherjee )

My friend told her son that Santa isn’t real ( Long View )

Texas wedding photographers have seen some S#!+ ( Texas Monthly )

Takshashila : The World’s Oldest University ( Raghu )

On Athangudi Tiles ( Deepti )

Why we should learn German ( John Le Carre )

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