Linkfest : 07 December, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Mutual Funds withdraw 30,760 Cr from Equities in Nov ( BT )

Foreign funds colonising Indian startups ( Sanjeev Bhikchandani )

Interview with Saurabh Mukherjea ( ET )

ABB on India’s electric mobility ( HT )

Stock Talk : AksharChem ( India) Ltd ( Dolly)

What makes IPL a profitable sporting league? ( Forbes )

The only way to be a buy & hold investor ( Larry Swedroe)

Twitter’s fleeting product roadmap ( Can Duruk)

How to think for yourself ( Paul Graham )

The last days of Tony Hsieh ( Forbes )

One reply on “Linkfest : 07 December, 2020”

Indian bond yields gradually moved back up to 7.6 in January, reversing the previous correction in December. Gold moved higher, continuing its rally over the last few months. If the commodity moves strongly away from 1200-1400 dollars per barrel, it would give a better indication of the long term trend.

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