Weekend Mega Linkfest: 09 October, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Ideology in Xi Jinping’s China (John Garnault)

Why is China threatening Indian media on Taiwan (Organiser)

The endgame in Bastar (Open)

Kamala Harris and the other 1 % (Dinyar Patel)

What Turkey did to its Christians (Common Weal)

What working at Stripe has been like (Kalzumeus)

10 things to remember while buying health insurance (Vinay Mimani)

Rahul Tewatia and the romance of struggle (ESPN)

Profile: Mehmood (Hemant Morparia)

Profile: Ramnath Goenka (Nandita Singh)

The Mirpur massacre of 1947 (SAHF)

Stones of Silence : Ladhak & Beyond (Sunday Guardian)

On Lothal (Nikunj Pandharikar)

What’s a rule that was implemented that massively backfired? (Trung Phan)

What Sushi teaches us about Life & Career Success (Radman Tahmasebi)

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