Weekend Mega Linkfest: 21 August, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

M S Dhoni: A bonafide legend (Sidharth Monga)

Is Mohammad Bin Salman a Zionist? (ME Monitor)

Assam Accord: The back story (Strat News)

Mistakes I made in my 30s (Ankur Warikoo)

What does Microsoft gain by buying Tik Tok? (Manish Sharma)

A Big Mac Fortune (Neckar)

How four brothers fleeced Amazon of $ 19 Million (Wired)

Pets: How we hurt the animals we cherish (Guardian)

On Palakkad (Rajan Venkateswaran)

How I became Chief Rabbi of UAE (TOI)

Lee Kuan Yew on Conversion & Hinduism (Shreyas Joshi)

The Neo Leftist Script of Gunjan Saxena (Soumyadipta)

Balkh Campaign: Indian Army in Central Asia (LHI)

Interview with author Pankaj Mishra (Mint)

Obituary: Pandit Jasraj (Open)

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