Weekend MegaLinkfest: 31 July, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Panopticon is already here (Atlantic)

The American Caste System (Guardian)

My mid-life crisis as a Russian sailor (Outside)

An unexpected visit to Pakistan (Team BHP)

Spoof: Biden’s VP shortlist (Onion)

Can masks kill you while running? (BI)

Our PM and CMs are puppets of the IAS (TOI)

Burnt Sugar (Avni Doshi)

The Sudden Change (Qais Akbar Omar)

The truth about Allah Baksh Samroo (True Indology)

A thread on Roman Treasure (Gareth Harney)

White Mughals, Whitewashing, Whitesplaining (First Post)

History of India’s Chola Empire (Thought)

Hitler never used Swastika (Swarajya)

On the Moplah Riots (Sunday Guardian)

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