Weekend Mega Linkfest: 03 July, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Lovely & Dark in fairness obsessed India (Mint)

China throws down a challenge to India (Brahma Chellaney)

How RSS predicted China’s true colours (Makarand Paranjpe)

India has two coronavirus vaccines for human trials (India Today)

Israel: Annexation & Apartheid (Atlantic)

Eton & the making of a modern elite (1843)

How Discount Store became magnets for crime (Pro Publica)

Fake Pilots in Naya Pakistan (Naila Inayat)

Whats wrong with WhatsApp (Guardian)

Padma Lakshmi,Top Chef (Vulture)

How Kangana Ranaut is getting victimised by the industry (Navi)

The sordid history of Mount Rushmore (Smithsonian)

On the bombing of Air India ‘Kanishka’ (Harpreet)

On the massacre of Sindhi Hindus in Xinjiang (Porbotia Lora)

The lost crown of Satara (LHI)

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