Linkfest: 01 July, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

PMGKAY extended till Nov for 80 Cr Indians (FE)

Carlyle to acquire 25% stake in Airtel’s Data Centre Business (BS)

Sector Talk: 2 Wheelers (Baidik Sarkar)

Notes from HUL AGM (Forbes)

How Patanjali’s magic didn’t work on Covid (Mint)

How YKK dominated the world zippers market (Palak Zatakia)

Russell Napier: Inflation is coming (WoW)

Why is Gold Valuable? (Of Dollars & Data)

Jack Bogle was wrong about ETFs (Morningstar)

Human IPO wants you to buy shares in regular people (Hustle)

One reply on “Linkfest: 01 July, 2020”

That Mint story about Patanjali looks like a paid article by a competing FMCG. It uses typical strategies 1)trying to use character assassination of the NIMS university to discredit it is work 2) talks about Patanjali loosing market share in FMCG segments without quoting or backing with data same accusation that it puts on the Patanjali on the covid product. If they had just stuck how Patanjali jumped the gun on this it would have good journalistic piece, trying to say they are loosing in FMCG reeks of paid article

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