Weekend Mega Linkfest: 19 June, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Understanding the military buildup at the India-China border (IISS)

Using satellite imagery on the India-China border (Nathan Ruser)

India’s delusions on China should end (WaPo)

Sino-India relations hits a new low (SCMP)

The ‘Five Fingers’ of the Tibetan Palm (Suhasini Haider)

A look at Nepal’s map machinations (DailyO)

Covid has exposed Kejriwal (Ruhi Tiwari)

Tamil Nadu Doctors have found an effective way to cure Covid (Lede)

The White Man in that photo (Films For Action)

Stop calling Daren Sammy ‘Kalu’ (ESPN)

Interview with Naval Ravikant (You Tube)

Marxist Lies in our textbooks – Dr. Vikram Sampath (You Tube)

Why I was suspended as an Air Asia Pilot (Capt Gaurav Taneja)

How Salman Khan’s family destroyed my career (Abhinav Singh Kashyap)

History: Malik Ambar- The Deccan’s African Defender (LHI)

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