Weekend Mega Linkfest: 05 June, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

George Soros Vs Modi (You Tube)

Gossip: Fake Tak (Sameet Thakkar)

Hong Kong was never really British (RT)

Turkey is winning in Libya (Al Jazeera)

Police Vs Protestors in the US (T Greg Doucette)

Mahadeva as Nataraja (Srikanta Krsnamacharya)

Karakoram : A high altitude travel diary (You Tube)

History lessons from Galwan (Claude Arpi)

Climate change will make this century even worse (Indi Samarajiva)

One idea (J Mathrubootham)

Why my black parents were so strict (Atlantic)

The power of crowds (Guardian)

How Vivek Mahbubani became the funniest person in Hong Kong (SCMP)

JJ Murphy: Kerala’s rubber man (LHI)

Obituary: Basu Chatterjee (Mint)

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