Weekend Mega Linkfest: 29 May, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The recently foiled terror attack in Pulwama (Harpreet)

The scam of the Delhi Golf Club & Delhi Gymkhana (Sumona Chakraborty)

The tense India-China standoff in the Himalayas (Al Jazeera)

China, India don’t need US help on their frictions (Wang Wenwen)

The idea of a Hindu Rashtra (Swarajya)

Yoga with Adriene (Guardian)

Aesthetics of behavior (M J Akbar)

The Khan brothers of Mumbai Cricket (Outlook)

Life after Zoom (J Mathrubootham)

I lived through Cyclone Amphan (Sharmishta Gooptu)

I travelled on the Vande Bharat Mission (Ananya Agarwal)

Colonialism was worse than Nazism (Indu Samarajiva)

Navsari-Home to the Parsis (LHI)

An account of a Chinese soldier during 1962 war (Medium)

How to safely use air conditioners during the pandemic (Mint)

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