Weekend Mega Linkfest: 08 May, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Saudi, Putin, Oil & the Great Game (Indradeep Khan)

Normality returns to Hong Kong (ST)

UK : How NHS made the crisis worse (RT)

The tensions underlying Pakistan’s Ramadan decision (Atlantic)

Why the foreign media loves anti-BJP columnists (Print)

Why the Western media keeps getting N Korea wrong (Al Jazeera)

History: How the Marathas captured Attock (eSamskriti)

Why the media goes out of its way to humanise terrorists (Swarajya)

India’s lavish weddings go online (Dawn)

A million phone calls (J Mathrubootham)

My Dad’s extra-martial affair ( Sucharita)

On Bois Locker Room ( Dr Yamini Shaista)

Kolkata – The memoirs of a bruised city (Open)

Ramzan Diary (Outlook)

Labradors remain the most popular # 1 dog (Smithsonian)

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