Weekend Mega Linkfest: 07 February, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Cornavirus tests China (Time)

All you wanted to know about the Bodoland Accord (Guwahati Times)

How McKinsey destroyed the Middle Class (Atlantic)

How Carlos Ghosn escaped Japan (SCMP)

History: The Battle of Diu (IWTK)

The uneasy birth of India’s Constitution (Tripurdaman Singh)

I used ransomware to sabotage my boss (Bloomberg)

As Amma lay dying (Vaasanthi)

The Bhujia King (Mint)

Kashmir Day in Pakistan (Naila Inayat)

Agra: Beyond the Taj (LHI)

Video: The Empty Streets of Wuhan (ATimes)

Shikara: The struggle against forgetting (Rahul Pandita)

My life goes up and down like Stock Market (J Mathrubootham)

China Diary (Vaswati Dasgupta)

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