Weekend Mega Linkfest : 03 January, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Profile : Qassem Soleimani ( CTC )

Iran’s call for revenge (TOI)

The Phantoms of Chittagong ( Dhaka Tribune)

What Kargil wants after Article 370 (Mint)

Dismantling Sheikh Abdullah’s legacy (Naseer Ganai )

Meet the Intellectual Founder of Brazil’s Far Right ( Atlantic )

Maya, the woman who almost broke free ( BBC )

Xi Jinping & Winnie the Pooh (SCMP)

What the West gets wrong about China ( Unherd)

On the sexual jihad in Cologne (Jessica Isabel Robeson)

Guide to Indian Food ( Ian Anderson )

The Leopard and the Baboon ( Time )

Make 2020 the year of less sugar ( NY Times)

How to use your flaws to better yourself ( Manu Joseph)

2010s was never ending nonsense (J Mathrubootham)

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