Linkfest : 01 January , 2020

Wishing all readers a very happy, prosperous and rocking 2020.

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

FM Sitharaman unveils 102 Lakh Crore infrastructure plan ( ET )

Full Report of the task force on National Infrastructure Pipeline ( PIB )

Who are the true owners of Tourism Finance Corporation of India? ( Vaibhav Badjatya)

How Bajaj Finance makes money from interest free EMI loans ( Deepak Shenoy )

MDR waiver to make payment companies unviable ( BS )

How Carlos Ghosh escaped Japan without passport ( Mint )

Presentation on Investing for MBA Students ( Abhishek Basumallick )

Presentation on Investing in Cyclicals ( Jiten Parmar )

India Fixed Income Outlook 2020 ( CFA Society )

What happened in the 2010s ( A VC )

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