Linkfest: 18 December, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

IMF may significantly downgrade India in Jan ( Gita Gopinath)

Only the fittest lenders will survive ( Uday Kotak)

JSPL hopes to become debt free in 4 years ( Naveen Jindal)

Sector Focus : Micro Finance ( SIDBI)

SBI ETF Nifty 50 Vs UTI Nifty Index Fund ( FreeFincal)

Buffett on Diversification in his 1966 Letter ( Deepak Venkatesh)

Letter to a young investor (Contrarian Edge)

We are short NMC Health Plc ( Muddy Waters)

How Mike Bloomberg made his Billions ( Vox )

The Global Economy’s luck may have run out ( Mohamed El Erian)

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