Linkfest : 25 November, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

How to safeguard yourself if you are a Karvy client ( BT)

BPCL asset valuer to submit report in 50 days ( ET)

My learnings after 9 years of full time investing ( Jatin Khemani )

The core of our manufacturing economy is staring at an abyss ( Sandipan Deb )

We are all Emerging Markets now ( Zev Abraham )

T- Series : The most watched You Tube Channel in the world ( Bloomberg )

A missing $250 Million in Crytpo ( Vanity Fair )

A long chat with Peter Bernstein ( Jason Zweig )

What would you have done in 2009? ( Common Sense )

On Aramco’s IPO ( Aswath Damodaran )

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