Linkfest: 14 November, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Birlas may let Voda Idea go insolvent (ET)

No relief to Telcos (FE)

Burden of dividend tax may shift to individuals (BS)

Retail inflation rises (Mint)

Stock Talk: Tata Motors (Morningstar)

Railways record lowest freight loading since 2010 (BL)

Interview with Bill Nygren (AM)

HNI- The stupid investor (Subramoney)

The pay is too damn high (Irrelevant Investor)

The Opportunity Portfolio (Bonafide Wealth)

One reply on “Linkfest: 14 November, 2019”

I have a question.. what may the reason the stock market is still so high when everone can see that the GDP has fallen.. NPA are all time high.. the economy seems to be in shambles.. and indicators of the economy seem to say a different story..

Very confusing..

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