Weekend Mega Linkfest: 09 August, 2019

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

Will the milk come to a boil in J&K? (Rahul Pandita)

India annexes Kashmir (Mohammed Hanif)

Kashmir Regained (M J Akbar)

‘Akhand Bharat’ posters in Pakistan (DailyO)

The failure to liberate Palestine (Guardian)

A Rohingya speaks (SCMP)

The life of a Kung Fu Nun in Ladakh (Arre)

The good doctor of Travancore (Manu Pillai)

India’s city where people come to die (BBC)

Walking the path of Buddha in India (New Yorker)

The Jewish community in India (Times of Israel)

How Mosquitoes shaped human history (Smithsonian)

Rabindranath Tagore, the Artist (LHI)

Profile: Potti Sriramulu (Better India)

Obituary: Sushma Swaraj (Madras Courier)

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