Weekend Mega Linkfest : 02 August, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

All eyes on Kashmir (News Click)

Rahul’s war on the Congress (Harish Khare)

Saudi Arabia: No One is Safe (Vanity Fair)

Murder in the Moroccon Mountains (Outside)

How the State runs business in China (Guardian)

How a Harvard Law Professor got victimised (The Cut)

The village that lost its country (BBC Travel)

Pulicat & the forgotten Indian Slave Trade (LHI)

Vijanagar’s age of confidence (Manu Pillai)

India’s toughest race (Better India)

Full tension (J Mathrubootham)

On Masoom (Nairita Mukherjee)

On sunk costs in relationships (Nisha Susan)

The Apu Paradox (Kahini Iyer)

London Diary (Talmiz Ahmad)

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