Weekend Mega Linkfest: 01 June, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Rahul Gandhi’s disgraceful campaign (Nupur Sharma)

Why the forgotten majority voted for Modi (Rajan Laad)

Explaining Naveen Patnaik’s success (Sambit Nayak)

Saffron Star over Bengal (Sunanda Datta Ray)

The social psychology of political rallies (Madras Courier)

How Taekwondo made me (Dina Nayeri)

Secret Spectacles (BBC)

Rainwater Harvesting Syringe (BI)

Cycling to Sach Pass (Team BHP)

The glorious boredom of my walk in Japan (Wired)

A Burmese King in an Indian Exile (Manu Pillai)

Mumbai’s beloved Prithvi Theatre (LHI)

The surprising truth about Caesar Salad (BBC Travel)

Two Types of Airport People (Amanda Mull)

Khan Market Diary (Vijay Chauthaiwale)

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