Linkfest: 09 May, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Real Estate Debt could be the next flash point (BS)

How rating agencies have let us down repeatedly (ET)

Stock Pick: Majesco (Mehul Bhatt)

Market Outlook- May 2019 (Navneet Munot)

Turnaround in Telecom Sector (BT)

On the Rooh Afza shortage (BT)

When you find great stocks, keep them a secret (Schloss)

How to avoid the traps of Lifestyle Creep (White Coat Investor)

More Sellers than Buyers (A VC)

Selling insurance to your sister (Seth Godin)

One reply on “Linkfest: 09 May, 2019”

It is about the article about Walter schloss. I don’t agree with it. If he is famous investor, just making his portfolio public will increase the shares he hold. This is the idea followed by many famous investors. They bought the shares, once they buy they started advertising about their shares that it is the best one to buy. This makes more people to buy that share continuously.

Walter schloss missed this logic

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