Weekend Mega Linkfest: 26 April ,2019

Some off beat reads for the long weekend (for Mumbaikars) :

The sudden revival of Raj Thackeray (Mint)

The call for Mahinda Rajapaksa (LA Times)

SUCI : Lal Salaam (Open)

The Airbnb invasion of Barcelona (New Yorker)

How I fell in love with ancient Egypt (Guardian)

A War Lord rises in Libya (Atlantic)

Mahabaleshwar – More than strawberries (LHI)

Marriages not made in heaven (Manu Pillai)

The Jackfruit Revolution (BI)

If Suppandi were to be the PM of India (Madras Courier)

A Maratha Game of Thrones (Manu Pillai)

Karachi in Photos (QZ)

Spoof: Tesla self-driving car absconds with $ 702 Million (Onion)

Travelogue : Eastern Europe (Team BHP)

Movie Review: Avengers Endgame (Omaha World)

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