Linkfest: 20 March, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

On the Embassy Office Parks REIT IPO (Manoj Nagpal)

Corporate Battle looms at Mindtree (BS)

A brief account of hostile takeovers in India (ET)

Whistle Blower Letter on SREI (MC)

Jet Airways crisis worsens (Mint)

Ericsson teaches Anil Ambani and India a lesson (BS)

Big is Better (Amit Jeswani)

Trade like you are on a diet (DR)

We all make mistakes (Of $ and Data)

Chinese feel threatened by India’s ‘Boycott China’ (Global Times)

One reply on “Linkfest: 20 March, 2019”

The interesting part of the “Big is Better” article is that data from the book “Stocks for the long run” cuts off right at 2012. This is nearly the year when we started to see massive changes due to technology. Online presence, big data etc have lead to micro-targeting. The first newsworthy of micro-targeting came in 2012 with news about Obama’s election campaign.

One of the big examples of change in consumer space was Dollar Shave Club. It was founded in 2011 and went from nothing to a billion dollar in 5 years. Sure it got acquired by Unilever, a consumer staple company, and the point of the post still stands. But the rise of technology cannot be understated. Even Berkshire has started to add technology. This in spite of the fact that Buffet has famously stated that he doesn’t understand technology.

So, I think GST, online presence, micro targeting might really affect the things which we think cannot be disrupted.

An interesting read on this topic is:

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