Weekend Mega Linkfest: 01 March, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Balakot and the backstory of Jihad (M J Akbar)

Pakistani deep state miscalculates on India (ATimes)

An opening in Abu Dhabi (IE)

Israel’s role in India’s conflict with Pakistan (Independent)

How the US has hidden it’s Empire (Guardian)

The coming indictment of Netanyahu (New Yorker)

The teachers of Bruce Lee (SCMP)

Tamil Nadu’s Accidental PM (Outlook)

The brave women of Bhuj (Better India)

Indian Air Force: The Beginnings (LHI)

Homosexuality in Medieval India (Madras Courier)

Mahagathbandhan making good progress (Gossip Guru)

Travelogue: Uzbekistan (Nat Geo)

Travelogue: 9 Days in Sri Lanka (Team BHP)

On judging a talent show (J Mathrubootham)

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