Linkfest: 13 June, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

TCS may buy back shares worth 10,000 Crores (TOI)

Look where Indian HNIs are parking their money (ET)

Further RBI rate hikes likely (Mint)

Govt mulls selling 100% stake in Air India (BS)

The rise and fall of Alok Industries (Quint)

Company Profile: Parle Products (OB)

VC Fund: Saama Capital (Forbes)

Scheme mergers are costlier than you think (MFCritic)

When do you average down? (Bronte Capital)

Podcast: Value Investing in India (Malabar Investments)

3 replies on “Linkfest: 13 June, 2018”

Hi Nitin, am writing in in connection with the Malabar Investments (Sumit Nagar) podcast. While you are an established stock picker in your own right, do you also keep a watch on what some other investors are doing?

Specifically in connection with Malabar, would you recommend buying Ador Fontech? Malabar owns Ador, Safari, eClerx and Indian Terrain amongst other stocks. Out of all of these, Ador Fontech appears to be statistically cheap, with a 3% dividend yield. The stock has massively underperformed the last market cycle, was keen on knowing your views on the stock.


I have a Newsletter called Investor Wisdom which tracks the holdings of around 50 investors.

Apologies, I don’t comment on specific stocks

Oh that’s great. Can you email me a sample.

Ador looked like a value trap to me, hence thought of checking with you. No sweat.


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