Weekend Mega Linkfest: 11 May,2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How to make a fortune in the art market (SCMP)

The battle between Israel and Iran (Atlantic)

The price of getting inside Trump’s head (New Yorker)

Prison riot in Indonesia (ATimes)

A rebuttal to Dr. Manmohan Singh (Swarajya)

Fear and loathing in Aligarh (Open)

Violent Fridays (Media Crooks)

How Sudha Murthy travels (Nat Geo)

Manto- The chronicler of suffering (Dawn)

Why I pray despite being an atheist (Damian D’Souza)

Mathrubootham in Singapore (J Mathrubootham)

Bespoke shoes by Yohei Fukuda (Mint)

Do Bollywood stars pay for their wedding wear? (FS)

The best Netflix original movies (NYMag)

In Photos: The Bike Share oversupply in China (Atlantic)

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