Weekend Mega Linkfest: 23 Feb,2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why Justin Trudeau is being snubbed in India (Atlantic)

Trump’s Miss. Universe gambit (New Yorker)

Italy: Mussolini is now back in the mainstream (Guardian)

Imran Khan: The Zero Man (Cyril Almeida)

China scare spreads to New Zealand (ATimes)

10 Brilliant innovations by IITians (BI)

The reinvention of Bharatnatyam (Manu Pillai)

Road Trip: 8,500 km in a Tata Hexa 4*4 (TeamBHP)

No play, only work for Babus (Gossip Guru)

How to eat,pray and live in Amritsar (Nat Geo)

The last Ringal weaver of Jaiti (Rural India)

Office Emails and what they say about us (Arre)

What is real romance? (J Mathrubootham)

How to fight isolation when you work from home (Life Hacker)

The top 100 Hotels in the world (T&L)

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