Weekend Mega Linkfest: January 25, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Raising kids in Delhi’s worsening air (New Yorker)

Facebook begins it’s downward spiral (Vanity Fair)

How to win Founders and influence everybody (Wired)

Venezuela’s Most Wanted (NYTimes)

The event that turned Pakistan (Nadeem Paracha)

Is Modi planning an early Lok Sabha elections this year? (Scroll)

The fallen homes of Anantapur (Rural India)

Being Deepika Padukone (Open)

Gainful Pakodas (Media Crooks)

The booming wig trade between India & Africa (Caravan)

Gossip: Sheila Dixit’s autobiography (Gossip Guru)

Tripura’s best kept travel secret (BI)

15 Lessons from the Dalai Lama (Brightside)

Diaries of a Lit Fest Rookie (Arre)

Who said youth is best? (J Mathrubootham)

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