Weekend Mega Linkfest: December 16, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Manchester City’s plan for global domination (Guardian)

How I went from a Governor’s office to a Jail Cell (NYTimes)

In China,a 3 digit score can determine your place in Society (Wired)

Silk road fever grips Russian Far East (ATimes)

Millenials are screwed (HP)

China’s selfie obsession (New Yorker)

The incredible journey of Nepal’s teen golf sensation (SCMP)

Karan Johar is the newest love guru in town (Newslaundry)

On the Sacred Thread (Outlook)

Congress Treachery (Media Crooks)

Travelogue: Megalaya (TeamBHP)

Anandiben’s ire (Gossip Guru)

Code Red: Visible hand of Dadar market (Rural India)

Best books of 2017 (Open)

10 Human Body Tricks (BrightSide)

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