Weekend Mega Linkfest: November 17, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Uncounted (NYTimes)

How Pakistan’s military helped in the Saudi purge (ATimes)

Robert Mugabe: The banality of evil (Open)

Islamabad under siege (Dawn)

Bill Browder, Putin Enemy # 1 (GQ)

How Trump walked into Putin’s Web (Guardian)

The child brides of Nepal (SCMP)

The Tech Industry’s Gender Discrimination Problem (New Yorker)

Meet the Tesla Truck (Wired)

Road Trip: Arunachal Pradesh (Team BHP)

Congress: The War Within (Gossip Guru)

The real life story of Maria Von Trapp (Smithsonian)

11 common things that can land you in jail in foreign countries (Nat Geo)

Busan Diary (Outlook)

Dressing up Padmavati (Sunday Standard)

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