Weekend MegaLinkfest: November 03,2017

Some offbeat reads for the weekend:

How it feels to lose $30,000 in bitcoin (Wired)

There never was a real tulip bubble (Smithsonian)

Asia braces for US rate hikes (Asia Times)

The war against Pope Francis (Guardian)

The 2017 Raid De Himalaya (TeamBHP)

Pakistan, the Land of the Intolerant (Mohammed Hanif)

Four Everyday designs that are pukka Indian (Scroll)

Meet the Dogfather of Mumbai (YS)

The Oxford of Gujarat (Mint)

How Mumbai police tracked down Pallavi’s killer (Rahul Pandita)

How Udipi hotels unwittingly curbed caste segregation (Scroll)

Some unknown facts about Bangalore that are hard to believe (Quora)

It was never love (Dr. Irfan Zafar)

How Tintin led a Belgian anthropologist to Java (SCMP)

Pranab Dada: Re-Hinduising Congress (Gossip Guru)

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