Weekend Mega Linkfest: October 13,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The inhuman treatment of Mumbai commuters (Counter Current)

Did Britain educate India? (Open)

Asia’s water wars (ATimes)

The Prophet of Germany’s new Right (NYTimes)

Why India needs  a Balochistan policy (Swarajya)

Why Rohingya will never be welcome in Myanmar (SCMP)

Pakistan: Coup Talk (Dawn)

The world’s first terrorists (Independent)

Road Trip: The Meghalaya Sojourn (TeamBHP)

The alternative Kishore Kumar playlist (Scroll)

This Londoner started a 4.4 Cr Vada Pav Business (YS)

Go anywhere on Earth in 60 minutes (Futurism)

Blany D’Souza – Mangalore’s Urban Gardener (BI)

The true story of the Death of Stalin (Smithsonian)

Book Review: Survival of the Prettiest (NYTimes)

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