Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 08, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Letter from Pyongyang (New Yorker)

The politics of manual scavenging (Rahul Pandita)

How the aristocracy preserved their power (Guardian)

Trump: The first White President (Atlantic)

Coffee Naps (Vox)

Pakistan has been lying to itself (Dawn)

The magical tattoo artists of Cambodia (SCMP)

Road Trip: Spiti Valley (Team BHP)

Spoof: Rahul Gandhi’s AI Speech (Great Bong)

Why Modi recalled the Kamaraj Plan (Gossip Guru)

Spoof: Kim Jong Un addresses the UN (The Onion)

Little known facts about Asha Bhosale (BI)

Photos: Inside Hrithik Roshan’s house (HP)

Ganeshotsav and Mumbai’s Decibel Divide (Anil Dharker)

Who really invented the Periodic Table? (ThoughtCo)

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