Weekend Mega Linkfest : September 01,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

La Ultra- The High (Mint)

Vinayaki-The female version of Lord Ganesha (Scroll)

The Case of Doklam (War On The Rocks)

The dilemma of being Nandan Nilekani (Charles Assisi)

How to get rich in Trump’s Washington (NYTimes)

Turkey’s Billion $ Hair Transplant Industry (TRT World)

Why Chinese investors are flocking to Johor,Malaysia (SCMP)

The last Nazi hunters (Guardian)

Cryptocurrency Cyber Crime soars (Bloomberg)

Thoughts on this season of Game of Thrones (Great Bong)

Driven: The World’s Best road (Team BHP)

Trekking: Snow Lake, Karakoram, Pakistan (Dawn)

Jaffna: The Haunted and the Hopeful (Open)

Bareilly Ki Diary (Outlook)

70 years of Indian Advertising (Mint)

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