Weekend Mega Linkfest: July 28, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Decoding Nitish Kumar’s politics (Jaggi)

BJP have conquered the Hindi heartland (Scroll)

India’s women cricketers have changed the game forever (Open)

Kashmir: ISIS is the new code (Outlook)

The hijacking of a $ 100 Million Super Tanker (Bloomberg)

Inside NASA’s mission to the North Pole (Guardian)

Sadiq Khan: London Mayor (New Yorker)

Yazidi women: Slaves of the ISIS (Guardian)

The Aristoprats (Indian Quarterly)

Startup : Coin Tribe (YS)

Travelogue: Mizoram (Team BHP)

Movie Review: Dunkirk (Great Bong)

Ownership Review: My pre-worshipped Jetta (Team BHP)

The most nostalgic song ever (Munna De) & the translation

Gossip: How RaGa messed up his meeting with Chinese Ambassador (GG)

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