Weekend Mega Linkfest: June 30,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The global tech investing Tsunami (Haresh Chawla)

Hong Kong is in trouble (NYTimes)

Shkreli’s hedge fund went from success to bust in 31 minutes (Bloomberg)

GST creates political risks for Modi (Jaggi)

Israel & India:  Instinctively Together (Open)

Lynching in Haryana (Caravan)

Apple’s new HQ (HBR)

Donald Trump: Troll in Chief (Atlantic)

Our contemporary notion of self-esteem (LongReads)

On zero-cost no-till natural farming (BI)

My life as an airport security guard (Guardian)

Ownership Review: Hyundai Creta (Team BHP)

Gossip: Congress’ Hindu Conscience (Gossip Guru)

Hiking: Stok Kangri Trek (Nat Geo)

Darjeeling Diary (Outlook)

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