Weekend Mega Linkfest: June 16, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Wells Fargo defrauded more than a million customers (VF)

How the US triggered a massacre in Mexico (Publica)

From Russia with blood (BuzzFeed)

Neel Kashkari is the Fed’s toughest internal critic (Businessweek)

NDTV frauds Vs Freedom (Mediacrooks)

The secret origin story of the iPhone (Verge)

Driving and camping in Scotland (TeamBHP)

Spoof: Hitler rant over “Vegetable Biryani” (Scroll)

Celebrating all things Peru (Nat Geo)

China’s dog meat festival (Forbes)

Fungus turns beetles into killer zombies (Live Science)

Koh-i-noor stories lose their shine (Flipboard)

21 long exposure photos that will blow your socks off (Light Stalking)

23 of the oldest color photos ever taken (Buzzfeed)

Bhojpuri Diary (Ravi Kishan)

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