Weekend Mega Linkfest: June 02,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The biggest corruption scandal in History (Guardian)

Hell is empty and all hedge fund managers are at the Bellagio (Concourse)

Blast from the Past: Vietnam Story (US News)

The loneliness of Donald Trump (Lit Hub)

The Rise and Fall of Toronto’s Classiest Con Man (Walrus)

A Mobster, a family and a crime that won’t let them go (NYTimes)

Is the Gig Economy working? (New Yorker)

Ram Guha’s letter exposes Indian cricket stars (Scroll)

Harish Dhandev-The man who is earning Crores through farming (YS)

When did girls start wearing pink? (Smithsonian)

Surviving a visit to Agra’s Taj Mahal (Nat Geo)

Auto Review: Honda WR-V (Team BHP)

Movie Review: Sachin, A Billion Dreams (Great Bong)

Gossip: Venkaiah as President? (Gossip Guru)

Spoof in Pictures: Trump in Saudi Arabia (Dawn)

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