Weekend Mega Linkfest: May 05,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Moving a home in India 1500 miles to save it (NYTimes)

Enter Ruchir Modi (Outlook)

Power Struggle in Saudi Arabia (Zero Hedge)

Modi’s Israel visit (ORF Online)

“Being Bad” is key to take on Pakistan (Jaggi)

The accidental getaway driver (GQ)

“Anti-selling” the Tesla Model 3 (Bloomberg)

Hiking Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia (TeamBHP)

The 97 year old yoga teacher from Coimbatore (YS)

What happens after death, according to Hinduism? (Devdutt)

ISRO’s solar electric car (BI)

Why are labradors the most abandoned dog breed in India? (HP)

The “Niagara Falls of India” (Nat Geo)

Humanity has only 100 years left on Earth (Stephen Hawking)

Pranav Saboo,Founder of Ethos Watch, on his favorite watches (Forbes)

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