Weekend Mega Linkfest: April 28, 2017

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

British, India and Tea (Maddy)

Bastar: Proposing a radical solution (Jerry Rao)

Death of the Telegram (IE)

Xenophobia in Europe (Rafia Zakaria)

How Trump gave up on his border wall (New Yorker)

Ernest Hemingway, the investor (Paris Review)

The race to build the world’s first sex robot (Guardian)

The 80 year old Chinese runway model (GQ)

Ownership Report: A year with the Toyota Fortuner (TeamBHP)

Made-in-Chennai tiffin box becomes a hit in the US (YS)

Congress top guns looking to join BJP (Gossip Guru)

What the photos we post on Social Media say about us (Brightside)

The noisy Indian traveler (Anand Kumar)

On being away from home (Manasi Mittal)

In Photos: Vinod Khanna (Outlook)

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